Why SoftChalk?

What is SoftChalk LessonBuilder?

SoftChalk LessonBuilder is teaching software that allows users to create engaging, interactive lessons for e-learning classrooms. 

SoftChalk Web lessons are created in HTML format, so students can view them in any Web browser.  Users can develop and edit content as if working in a word processor with over 65 style designs to choose from.  In addition, pop-up annotations, interactive learning activities and comprehension questions are easy to create.  When the lesson is complete, users can package files into a zip file that can be imported into most Leaning Management Systems (LMS).

What does "vendor-neutral" mean?

SoftChalk LessonBuilder is vendor-neutral in that the content created using this software can be published (or shared) in many formats: HTML/Web content, CD ROM content, .zip file content that can be SCORM compliant and shared in most learning management system--like ANGEL, Blackboard, Moodle or Sakai.

Why is "vendor-neutral" important?

Creating course content in a vendor-neutral format protects the longevity, reusability and sharablity of course materials.  For example: If content was created directly within the WebCT learning management system (LMS), those materials could not be transferred directly into ANGEL. The content had to be recreated.  Whereas, if materials was created in SoftChalk LessonBuilder, the content would be seamlessly transferable to any LMS from the original SoftChalk files.

Where can I get SoftChalk LessonBuilder?

Information, instructions and a link for downloading SoftChalk LessonBuilder can be found within the Faculty Teaching Tools section of the SCF eLearning Web Site.


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